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Visiting Prague's Top Highlights in 2 Days

Updated: Apr 14

The city of Prague (Praha) is the dream destination of every traveler and is one of the most popular holiday destinations around the world, it has been on my To-Do list for so long until I made it .

The city offers something for everyone and each one of us will surely find something to love there.

The Czech Republic is geographically located in the centre of Europe, surrounded by Austria, Slovakia, Poland and Germany, with almost the same distance from the Baltic Sea, the Mediterranean and the North Sea.

Prague the capital of the Czech Republic has been enriched by cultures and traditions of many eras like Gothic, Baroque and Renaissance, and each one of them has made an impression on the city which you will feel while touring around.

Prague lies on the banks of the Vltava River and has oceanic and humid continental climate which is greatly enjoyed by the visitors.

City view from top

City Quick review :

1) Flight:

Czechia can be visited from AMM on Ryanair for as low as 100 € for a return ticket.

2) Accommodation:

I booked a decent 4 stars hotel for 180 €/ 3 nights including breakfast.. ( Caesar Prague hotel in Prague1 area ), which was a decent one with good public transportation access .

P.s; If you wish to get a 20% cash back on your next hotel reservation, use my below offer

3) Currency :

Money used is Czech koruna .. one euro is mainly equivalent to 25.5 korunas .. exchange offices are everywhere and buy the 1 Euro for 18.5 koruna ONLY . Avoid touristic areas and change your money on much better rate , Visa cards are welcomed everywhere and are a good option.

Tip: always check for a hint on exchange rate. Download the app it’s useful

Tip2: If you wish to convert your money in the town, convert at least small amount of money before you leave the airport..

4) Transportation :

Czech Republic’s public transportation is very reliable, trams , trains , metros , buses , and used them all, I don’t use taxi in most of my travels .

Tip: using Google maps for your transportation in Prague is very easy & quick , you can buy the ticket from the stop, validate it then ride ..

Fares depend on the duration needed , youo can also buy a pass for one day, 3 days ,etc,..

Tip2: Use this website to check availability and connections

5) Safety :

Prague is one of the cities that are popular for being 99% safe . Just like other countries , watch pickpockets in crowded places especially Charles Bridge and Old Town square.

6) Cuisine :

Bohemian, Italian, Thai, Turkish and Arab ..

This caramalized dough with that sizzle of cinnamon should be tried at least once when you are in Czech

7) Recommendation:


Main Sights and attractions:

  • Charles Bridge : is a stone Gothic bridge that connects the Old Town and Lesser Town (Malá Strana) . It was constructed in 13th Century by Czech king and Holy Roman Emperor Charles IV and .

On 17th Century, 30 Baroque Statues began to be placed along either side of Charles Bridge, but now many of them are copied and the originals can be seen in the Lapidarium museum.

Charles Bridge

  • Charles Bridge Towers: On each end of the bridge that connects Old town and Lesser town there is a tower that can be climbed for a view of Prague and the bridge.

Photo taken on Charles bridge facing Old town,St.Vitus Cathedral & one of Charles brdige tower

  • Prague Castle: is a castle complex in Prague,built in the 9th century and it's indicated that it is the largest castle area in the world. Getting there is easy, taking the tram will save you a walk uphill or up the stairs, and the ride is quite scenic.

Take tram 22 and get off at one of these stops: Královský letohrádek -Pražský hrad -Pohořelec .

It's my recommendation to go is to take the tram up to the Castle and walk back down when you're done.

Praha view from Prague Castle
  • Old Town Square: this square is the most significant square of historical Prague and is a must to be visited at least once when you are in the charming Praha, it was founded in the 12th century and witnesses the history of many events.

This photo was taken in the old town square at 6 Am, usually it is mega busy during the day..

  • Gardens below Prague Castle :It is a complex of beautiful renaissance and baroque terraced gardens below the Prague Castle, which offers beautiful views of the city. Usually skipped by tourists because they either don’t know how charming it is, or they don't even know it exists.

Photo taken in the (gardens below prague castle) showing on of the best viewpoints in the charming city

The garden comprises two separate sides. At the entrance you choose to turn either left or right, then you basically go all the way up and at one point you need to go down and you'll see a completely different side of the garden. In short, don't go up and down the same way, otherwise you'll miss half of the garden.⁠

I arrived afternoon and the place was almost mine ..

  • Prague Astronomical Clock: If you are in Prague, one of the essentials is to visit the old town square including the historical clock that ticks top-of-the-hour..

You see the crowd when it ticks every hour , if you want to have the clock to yourself anytime during the hour or early in the morning.

  • Johan Lennon Wall : this wall symbolizes freedom of speech and the non-violent resistance of the Czech youth. The wall started in 1980, shortly after the famous Beatles singer was murdered. Although John Lennon never visited the location of the wall, it was crafted as a symbolic burial site by the youth of Prague.

  • Kampa park: Just below Charles bridge on the side of Malá Strana ( Lesser town ), lies a very nice park and an Island of restaurants with stunning views of Charles bridge and the swans in Valtva river ..

The swans under Charles Bridge- Kampa Island

Splendid views of Charles Bridge

Those were top attractions for 2 days in Prague..

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