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Do you plan to visit the fairy tale town Ćesky krumlov?

Updated: Apr 14

If you can only take one single day trip from Prague; Cesky Krumlov is the place to go.

There are a great many things to do and see in Prague, but the below view was an enough reason to take me on a full day trip out of the Czech Republic’s capital city to Cesky Krumlov on the Austrian boarders.

This photo was taken for Cesky Krumlov from top of the Palace

General overview:

Ćesky krumlov- one of the most visited towns in Bohemia,located 3 hours far from Prague yet it gives you the feeling of going back to Middle Ages.

This paradise is one of the sights that are protected by UNISCO for heritage conservation and haunted me for so long until I put my feet on it lately .

I took this photo through the small arched window of Cesky Krumlov garden

How to get there ?

Usually people take a full day trip from Prague through agencies , as those who know me , know very well that I prefer to make things on my own ..

so, to reach southern Bohemia - Cesky Krumlov, you can :

1) get there by car

2) book a seat on a bus.

I bought mine on, costs around 5€ each way .

The bus takes you from Prague, Na Knížecí bus station directly to the center in 3 hours.

There is another company that makes this route too , but after research I found that regiojet is more on time ..

Bus was fully equipped with WiFi , refreshments and entertainment system.

3) if you don’t like to be stuck in a bus, take the train , it takes 3 hours as well, fare is 7€ then you need to take a taxi to center .

First Impression:

Arriving to this magical town will directly give you that feeling of going back in time .. walking in those small alleys, smelling the caramelized sugar and cinnamon of the famous Trdelink will take you to another world.

P.s : check my Prague blog for details about this yummy traditional food

Souvenir shops, bohemian glass and handmade crafts shops are scattered in all those magical alleys

Old town square :

After you enjoy walking in those alleys, and on the small bridge that connects the town with the old town , since it is surrendered by Valtva river , you reach the old town square to be lost in one of the most old and charming towns ever.

Old Town square

Cesky Krumlov Chateau: a huge complex that dominates the old town and offers a fascinating look into the lives of the aristocratic rulers of Bohemia through the centuries.

The original Gothic castle was founded by the Lords of Krumlov some time before 1250.

Cesky Krumlov Castle shows in this photo directly when you arrive the town

Cesky Krumlov’s exquisite castle is strategically placed high above the river, overlooking the picture-perfect historic city center and the hills beyond.

It’s, quite frankly, as if a fairy tale town jumped out of the illustrations of a book and into reality.

Castle Gardens: Those Baroque castle gardens founded in the 17th century create an integral, in fact the largest, part of the entire castle complex.

You have to walk over the castle, till the road ends and here you can find the garden, a magnificent one with huge stately old trees, fantastic hedges, a wonderful fountain and spectacular flowers.

It was a very pleasant place to visit with some great views as well.

Popular activity :

Rafting at the Valtva river that runs in Czech Republic is so common and much recommended.

Recommendation :


Take a day trip from Prague to Cesky Krumlov, 5-6 hours are enough to visit the tin town, you can extend for one night if you wish to have a relaxing evening in this super charming place.

Accommodation : On average, 3-star hotels in Český Krumlov cost $87 per night, and 4-star hotels in Český Krumlov are $161 per night. If you're looking for something really special, a 5-star hotel in Český Krumlov can be found for $193 per night, on average (based on prices).

High seasons could be much expensive especially when there is the yealy festival and hotel occupancy goes high .

kissing this town goodbye

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