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Camogli, it’s easy to find & hard to forget

Updated: Apr 14

This italian fishing town , one of the most beautiful towns on the Mediterranean coast- Ligurian region.

Camogli, I was told by a local that it is a shortened word of ( case del mogli ) which means, house of wives..

it got its name from the women who watched over the town while their husbands were away in fishing

Building facades were painted in tones of apricot, cinnamon, and amber that gave the town a special charm.

Those mountains embracing the blue sea with those colorful houses will drag you to another feeling of this world .

camogli port

How to get there ?

We arrived to Camogli by the regional train from Genova .. booked on

Cost : 7,5 € for return ticket

camogli train station

Food :

Fishing is still a livelihood here (in the harbor you’ll see more fishing boats than yachts), so the catch of the day is served at many restaurants comes from Camogli’s surrounding waters..

Fishing boats scattered on the port of camogli giving it a special charm

A must try is the amazing paper cone of fried seafood of your choice : (Anchovies-Calamari-Shrimps-Cod-Mussels ) for 7 euros .

On the port itself, go right, you will find a small fishing boat selling fresh fried seafood in a cone .

Another option,if you go left, leave the restaurant on your left, walk until you are facing Lido beach, there is small shop selling them. Enjoy !

A must try seafood cone

And there’s the extraordinary pasta that is made with divine local pesto with its sweet taste made from basil grown in the Ligurian hills.

You can also taste Focaccia like you’ve never tasted it before for 2€ and less .

Vegan option of Foccacia

In general , in Camogli, there is wide choice of restaurants and street foods along the seafront, & very reasonably priced.

What you can do :

Aside from having fun at the busy beaches of Camogli, you can take the ferry to one of the nearby towns, Portofino, Rapallo and Santa Margherita Ligure.

While a quick Boat trip out to the abbey at San Fruttuoso will take you to a marvelous place for some quiet and sunbathing

Camogli beach

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